Squarespace vs. SmugMug for Photography Websites

Squarespace sponsors many podcasts I enjoy. And many photographers use Squarespace. I’ve tried Squarespace and ultimately concluded that, for a photography site, SmugMug is much better.

I love the ability to upload images from Adobe Lightroom to SmugMug using the SmugMug Lightroom Plugin. Photos sync between SmugMug and Lightroom. It’s very handy for a dynamic photography site like mine with lots of photos.

For blogging, Squarespace has limited options. To my eye, Squarespace blogs aren’t very attractive. So in the end, my photography is on SmugMug and its sister social site Flickr. My blog is here on Micro.blog1. Manton Reece, the creator of Micro.blog, has done a great job. Hosted Micro.blog sites are lean and fast, which I appreciate.

  1. SmugMug has limited blogging options; they are cumbersome. [return]
David Enzel @de