Podcast: ‘Airlines Confidential’

The Airlines Confidential podcast is about the airline industry. Its co-hosts are Ben Baldanza, the former CEO of Spirit Airlines and Seth Kaplan, a transportation analyst for the NPR program Here & Now and former publisher of Airline Weekly. It’s interesting to hear the perspective of a former airline CEO on what’s happening in that industry, especially during this challenging time.

Airlines Confidential is a weekly podcast. Each episode lasts a little more than thirty minutes and includes listener questions. For the length of the podcast, there are a lot of advertisements. Even so, the podcast is worth listening to if you want to hear an insider perspective on the airline industry.

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Quantas Saying Goodbye to the 747

Airline Geeks reports that Quantas, an Australian airline, is retiring its remaining Boeing 747 aircraft in July 2020. This marks the end of an era that lasted almost 50 years:

The Boeing 747 and Qantas have a long-standing history. It had been the flagship aircraft of the airline since 1971 when the first aircraft joined the airline. The 747 allowed Qantas to enhance its global commercial network by strengthening its long-haul fleet. Qantas retired its Boeing 707 fleet in 1979, becoming the only all-Boeing–747 carrier in the world.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will become the airline’s flagship aircraft.