Lightroom: Finding Duplicate Files

I recently learned about a Lightroom plugin called Teekesselchen by Michael Bungenstock to identify duplicate files. The plugin seemed to work well. It helped me to identify many duplicates. However, for reasons I don’t understand, some images that had been flagged as Picks” lost that flag. It’s possible that as a new user of the plugin I had a setting wrong.

In any event, I have many Smart Publish Collections that I use to post to Flickr and SmugMug. The images that became unflagged were marked to be unpublished from Flickr and SmugMug because they were no longer part of the Smart Publish Collection. That wasn’t my intent so I selected all the images in the Smart Publish Collection marked to be unpublished and hit the P” key, which is the Lightroom shortcut for the Pick flag. Nothing happened! I reckon the reason was that the photos were no longer in the Smart Publish Collection.

I wasn’t sure what to do and thought I would need to find each image in my library and add the Pick flag one at a time. That would have taken some time as they are from different dates and folders. The beauty of Lightroom Smart Collections is that they gather photos from different dates and folders in one convenient location.

I then tried right clicking on the images and there was an option to set Set Flag” as Flagged, Unflagged or Rejected. I picked Flagged and my Pick Flags were all restored at once and I was back where I needed to be. I also managed to delete a lot of duplicate files and made a donation to Michael Bungenstock for his helpful donationware plugin.

I am passing this along in case it helps other Lightroom users who face the same issue.

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