@resharpe Nice photo 😎

@amit Interesting post. I am here and on WordPress. I never really liked WordPress but it has so many features.

@lmika Watching Australian Open. Great match. Nadal doing great.

@antonzuiker Curious about why you want to drop Dropbox.

@maique 👏

@pimoore I am sorry for your loss.

@jasraj Is micro.blog social media?

@canion There are lots of talented photographers on Instagram. It’s not all false happiness.

@ChrisHannah A thoughtful approach.

@pip Very nice.

@patrickrhone Uncertainty

@hawaiiboy Looks beautiful

@jack I loved this movie.

@nofars Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope the best for you.

@niekhockx Nice photo

@kimberlyhirsh I like your mb blog. You’ve put real thought into it.

@maique I hope you feel better soon.

@Gaby I have tried WordPress, Squarespace, Ghost, Blot and others. Honestly I’m not sure what if anything I want to do. I sometimes feel blogging is passé and I don’t want to start a podcast or start …

@maique Interesting. What made you choose Blot. I have a site there as well and like it.

@numericcitizen Interesting. But for me Glass feels lonely.

@dave Interesting. Still small numbers.

@maique I carry a small flashlight in my briefcase and another in my car. They are more powerful than my smartphone and in a pinch can have light without running down my smartphone battery. But I feel …

@ridwan Thanks much!

@maique Thank you Maique.

@ericmwalk Many thanks!