Should Germany Spend More on its Military?

Jan Techau, director of the Europe Program at the German Marshall Fund (GMF) in Berlin, quoted in The New York Times:

The life we have had for the last 70 years is possible because of the American security guarantees we have had, largely for free. That is the reason we are not Ukraine and live in a Russian sphere of influence.

The GMF is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1972 . Its mission is to strengthen transatlantic cooperation on regional, national, and global challenges and opportunities in the spirit of the Marshall Plan.

According to the World Bank, Germany now spends 1.2 percent of GDP on defense.” The United States spends 3.15% of its GDP on defense. Should Germany spend more on defense? Do we want Germany to build up its military even as the political power of the right grows in Europe and elsewhere? In contrast, the Russian Federation and China spend 4.3% and 1.9% of their GPDs on defense. Oman and Saudi Arabia lead the list spending 12% and 10% of their GDPs on defense.

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