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Thinking of Freedom on the 4th of July Jul 4, 2019 Photography & Germany & Holocaust & Dachau The Fourth of July reminds me that freedom isn’t free. Dachau Concentration Camp gate told prisoners - falsely - that work would set them free. I TV Series: ‘Das Boot’ on Hulu Jun 23, 2019 TV & Hulu & Germany & France & WWII & Luxembourg I just started watching the German TV series “Das Boot” on Hulu. The story, acting and cinematography are excellent. The series features the Angela Merkel: Don’t Take Freedom for Granted Jun 1, 2019 Germany & YouTube & History & Photography & Berlin Berlin Wall © David Enzel, 2018 Airbus A350-900 Apr 27, 2019 Travel & Germany & Aircraft Lufthansa A350-900 at MUC © David H. Enzel, 2019 Yesterday, I flew on a new Lufthansa A350-900 from MUC to IAD. This is a beautiful aircraft inside Modern Berlin : A Transforming Capital Mar 7, 2019 Berlin & Germany & Travel & Street Art & History & DavidTravels Deutscher Bundestag - The Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany © David Enzel, 2018 I visited Berlin in the early 1980s. Berlin was then a Should Germany Spend More on its Military? Mar 6, 2019 Germany & Europe & Military Jan Techau, director of the Europe Program at the German Marshall Fund (GMF) in Berlin, quoted in The New York Times: The life we have had for the