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Big Head Taco Review of Ricoh GR III Aug 11, 2019 Photography & YouTube Take Kayo has a 37-minute video review of the Ricoh GR III. He’s impressed with the image quality. I am too. Peter Turnley: Reflections on Life and Photography Jul 23, 2019 Quotations & Photography Peter Turnley is one of my favorite photographers. He recently reflected on Instagram that he doesn’t take time for granted: Every moment counts. Los Angeles Jul 20, 2019 Photography & Los Angeles & California River (2019) I recently visited Los Angeles and saw the LA River for the first time. It wasn’t what I expected. It has a concrete bed San Francisco Jul 14, 2019 Photography & San Francisco & California –Oakland Bay Bridge (2019) © David Enzel The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge opened on November 12, 1936. It connects San Francisco to Black and White Photography Jul 13, 2019 Photography Washington, DC (2019) Lately, I’ve been taken with black and white images and find it startling to mix black and white images with images in color. The Ricoh GR III After Two Months Jul 6, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & Review “Zak the Baker” Kosher Bakery, Miami I was not immediately impressed with the Ricoh GR III. I found the autofocus speed slow and ended up retuning Miami, Florida Jul 6, 2019 Florida & Miami & Art & Photography Wynwood Art District, Miami I just posted a gallery of photos I made in Florida. I enjoyed visiting the Wynwood section of Miami, which boasts one Thinking of Freedom on the 4th of July Jul 4, 2019 Photography & Germany & Holocaust & Dachau The Fourth of July reminds me that freedom isn’t free. Dachau Concentration Camp gate told prisoners - falsely - that work would set them free. I Google Street View Car Near U.S. Capitol Jun 25, 2019 Photography & Google & Washington Pensive Jun 22, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & B+W Commuter Jun 15, 2019 Photography & Washington & Ricoh Portland, Oregon Jun 13, 2019 Portland & Oregon & USA & Photography More Portland, Oregon photos are on my photography site. Playing Chess on a Summer Day Jun 2, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Angela Merkel: Don’t Take Freedom for Granted Jun 1, 2019 Germany & YouTube & History & Photography & Berlin Berlin Wall © David Enzel, 2018 Washington, DC Jun 1, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & Washington Other Washington photos are on my photography site. Morning Walk May 30, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Washington Metro May 29, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & B+W You can see more of my Black and White street photography on my photography site. Ricoh GR III Beginner’s Guide May 29, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & YouTube A useful video from “Samuel L. Streetlife” explaining how to use the Ricoh GR III. Adobe Lightroom vs. Capture One Pro May 27, 2019 Photography & Adobe & Fujifilm & Capture One Fuji X-T3, 16-55 f2.8, ISO 12,800, 1/80 @ f2.8 I recently bought Fuji cameras and lenses and have watched YouTube videos critical of the way Adobe Flickr is Fast Again! May 25, 2019 Flickr & Photography & NYC & Ricoh New York City © David H. Enzel, 2019 Flickr has migrated from Yahoo’s servers to AWS. The speed improvement is huge. I can now upload to Flickr from Ricoh GR III: Interview May 18, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & YouTube I’m really enjoying the Ricoh GR III. This is an interview with the GR III product manager for Germany - Wolfgang Baus. The interviewer is Samuel Washington, DC: American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial May 16, 2019 Washington & Ricoh & Photography You can learn more about the Memorial here. Washington: New International Spy Museum Now Open May 16, 2019 Photography & Washington & Ricoh Ricoh GR III Test Images May 4, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Washington Metro © David H. Enzel, 2019 I am giving the Ricoh GR III a second look and am impressed after the recent firmware update. The autofocus Ricoh GR III: YouTube Reviewer Kai Loves It May 1, 2019 Photography & Ricoh I’m giving the Ricoh GR III a second look and so far I love it too because of the size, the ability to use it with one hand and the image quality. São Bento Railway Station - Porto, Portugal Apr 25, 2019 Portugal & Photography & Fujifilm Porto, Portugal Apr 25, 2019 Photography & Portugal & Fujifilm Coimbra, Portugal Apr 23, 2019 Photography & Portugal & Music & Fujifilm Fado guitar at Fado au Centro in Coimbra, Portugal. It is a small and intimate venue and the music is beautiful. Coimbra is Portugal’s fourth Alcoabaça, Portugal Market Vendor Apr 23, 2019 Photography & Portugal & Fujifilm Lisbon, Portugal Apr 19, 2019 Portugal & Photography & Fujifilm Lisbon, Portugal Apr 16, 2019 Photography & Fujifilm & Lisbon & Portugal Young Love - Lisbon Apr 15, 2019 Travel & Photography & Portugal & Fujifilm Lisbon - Young Love Lisbon, Portugal Apr 15, 2019 Travel & Photography & Portugal & Fujifilm Pavilhão Carlos Lopes Bethesda, Maryland Restaurant Apr 7, 2019 Photography & Fujifilm Cherry Blossoms - Kenwood, Maryland Apr 2, 2019 Photography & Sony Washington, DC: Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom Apr 1, 2019 Washington & Photography & Sony It was a cold and a bit windy today but the sun was out and the Cherry Blossoms reached full bloom in Washington, DC. The East Wing of the Photography: Testing the Fujifilm XT-30 and the the 35mm f2 Lens Mar 31, 2019 Photography & Fujifilm & Spring I recently purchased a Fujifilm XT-30 along with the 35mm f2 lens. After an initial test I am very impressed with the lens. It is small and light. Photography: Podcast with Adobe Evangelist Julieanne Kost. Mar 30, 2019 Photography & Podcasts Julieanne Kost is a superb instructor of Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ve learned so much from her by taking her courses on Lynda.com. It’s Fujifilm Aims to Lead in APS-C Sensor Cameras Mar 30, 2019 Photography & Fujifilm Makoto Oishi, Product Planning Manager at Fujifilm, holds a working prototype of the forthcoming GFX 100 medium format camera. (dpreview.com) I am First Signs of Spring Mar 24, 2019 Photography & Fujifilm ISO 160, Fuji 56mm @ f1.2 The temperatures in Washington, DC went into the 60s today. It was a nice day to test my new Fuji 56mm f1.2 lens. All Comparing Lightroom and Capture One Fuji RAW Processing Mar 23, 2019 Photography & Fujifilm I compared Lightroom and Capture One Fuji RAW processing. These are crops from the same Fuji RAW image processed using Lightroom and Capture One. Impressions of the Ricoh GR III Mar 22, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Easy to use with one hand Very small and light Autofocus unreliable and slow even in good light Could not connect to Ricoh app on iPhone Could not Enjoying Amazon’s Echo Show Mar 17, 2019 Photography & Amazon One of things I like about being an Amazon Prime member is that I can store an unlimited number of photos1 on Amazon Photos without paying extra. Is Printing Dying? Mar 16, 2019 Photography Kirk Tuck, an excellent professional photographer in Austin, reports that “no single commercial client has requested a print from me in nearly ten San Antonio Stetson Hat Shop Mar 10, 2019 Texas & Photography San Antonio Riverwalk Mar 10, 2019 Photography & Texas Book Review: “Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light” Mar 6, 2019 Paris & France & Books & Travel & Photography Paris - ©David Enzel I stumbled across Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light while preparing to visit Paris again, a city I have loved for Photography: Lightroom Classic CC Mar 6, 2019 Adobe & Photography & Lightroom & Flickr & SmugMug My digital asset manager is Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. I’m going to discuss the issues I’ve heard about Adobe and then make some general comments Lightroom: Finding Duplicate Files Mar 6, 2019 Adobe & Lightroom & Photography & Plugin & Duplicates I recently learned about a Lightroom plugin called Teekesselchen by Michael Bungenstock to identify duplicate files. The plugin seemed to work well. The Rejuvenation of Flickr Mar 6, 2019 Flickr & Photography Flickr is moving away from Yahoo login. I’m impressed with SmugMug’s ownership of Flickr. They are focusing on improving things behind the scenes A Nice Winter Moment Feb 24, 2019 Photography The sun came through on a cloudy winter day in February.1 Trail in Friendship Heights, Maryland in February © David H. Enzel, 2019 Sony RX100M6↩