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The Ricoh GR III After Two Months Jul 6, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & Review “Zak the Baker” Kosher Bakery, Miami I was not immediately impressed with the Ricoh GR III. I found the autofocus speed slow and ended up retuning Pensive Jun 22, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & B+W Commuter Jun 15, 2019 Photography & Washington & Ricoh Playing Chess on a Summer Day Jun 2, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Washington, DC Jun 1, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & Washington Other Washington photos are on my photography site. Morning Walk May 30, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Washington Metro May 29, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & B+W You can see more of my Black and White street photography on my photography site. Ricoh GR III Beginner’s Guide May 29, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & YouTube A useful video from “Samuel L. Streetlife” explaining how to use the Ricoh GR III. Flickr is Fast Again! May 25, 2019 Flickr & Photography & NYC & Ricoh New York City © David H. Enzel, 2019 Flickr has migrated from Yahoo’s servers to AWS. The speed improvement is huge. I can now upload to Flickr from Ricoh GR III: Interview May 18, 2019 Photography & Ricoh & YouTube I’m really enjoying the Ricoh GR III. This is an interview with the GR III product manager for Germany - Wolfgang Baus. The interviewer is Samuel Washington, DC: American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial May 16, 2019 Washington & Ricoh & Photography You can learn more about the Memorial here. Washington: New International Spy Museum Now Open May 16, 2019 Photography & Washington & Ricoh Ricoh GR III Test Images May 4, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Washington Metro © David H. Enzel, 2019 I am giving the Ricoh GR III a second look and am impressed after the recent firmware update. The autofocus Ricoh GR III: YouTube Reviewer Kai Loves It May 1, 2019 Photography & Ricoh I’m giving the Ricoh GR III a second look and so far I love it too because of the size, the ability to use it with one hand and the image quality. Impressions of the Ricoh GR III Mar 22, 2019 Photography & Ricoh Easy to use with one hand Very small and light Autofocus unreliable and slow even in good light Could not connect to Ricoh app on iPhone Could not