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Adria Airways Files for Bankruptcy Oct 3, 2019 Travel On September 30, 2019, Slovenian airline Adria Airways filed for bankruptcy and canceled all flights. I flew Adria from Frankfurt to Ljubljana on Travel: BA and Lufthansa Suspend Flights to Cairo Jul 21, 2019 Travel & Egypt Giza (2010) © David Enzel The New York Times reports that British Airways and Lufthansa have suspended flights to Cairo citing security risks. I Airbus A350-900 Apr 27, 2019 Travel & Germany & Aircraft Lufthansa A350-900 at MUC © David H. Enzel, 2019 Yesterday, I flew on a new Lufthansa A350-900 from MUC to IAD. This is a beautiful aircraft inside Young Love - Lisbon Apr 15, 2019 Travel & Photography & Portugal & Fujifilm Lisbon - Young Love Lisbon, Portugal Apr 15, 2019 Travel & Photography & Portugal & Fujifilm Pavilhão Carlos Lopes Rick Steves: Travel Has the Power to Change Your Life Mar 23, 2019 Travel & Quotations Sam Anderson writing for The New York Times: I had never even heard of Steves. He entered looking like the kind of guy who would bring an acoustic What Happened to Safety First? Mar 16, 2019 Travel & Safety The New York Times quotes Michael Michaelis, the top safety official at the American Airlines pilots union and a 737 captain, about the Boeing 737 Starting in 2021 US Travelers Must File Online to Travel to EU Mar 10, 2019 Travel & EU The New York Times reports: United States citizens wishing to visit or travel to the majority of the European Union nations after January 2021 Travel: Bluffworks Men’s Travel Pants Mar 9, 2019 Travel & Clothing Bluffworks Travel pants are useful. I was looking for pants that would: Be washable; Resist wrinkles; Have pockets designed to foil Podcast: “Travel with Rick Steves” Mar 7, 2019 Travel & Podcasts & Pittsburgh Rick Steves Travel with Rick Steves is a weekly one hour podcast with guest experts and callers about travel, cultures and people. This, in my Modern Berlin : A Transforming Capital Mar 7, 2019 Berlin & Germany & Travel & Street Art & History & DavidTravels Deutscher Bundestag - The Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany © David Enzel, 2018 I visited Berlin in the early 1980s. Berlin was then a Podcast: “Join Us in France” Mar 6, 2019 France & Podcasts & Travel Palais Garnier, Paris © David Enzel, 2014 If you want to travel in France and learn about French history, the Join Us in France podcast is a superb Book Review: “Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light” Mar 6, 2019 Paris & France & Books & Travel & Photography Paris - ©David Enzel I stumbled across Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light while preparing to visit Paris again, a city I have loved for