Manton explains you shouldn’t focus too much on statistics when you write:

Everyone has something to say. Write because you love it, or to become a better writer, or to develop an idea. The stats should be an afterthought.

I don’t track statistics here.

Discovering European TV

The Euro TV Place is an excellent source of recommendations for great European television. Linda Jew, the founder of the site, regularly publishes detailed reviews.

I especially enjoy French television because it helps me keep up and improve my French. Modern television lets you hear the way people speak in everyday life, which often is different from what is taught in foreign language classes.

I’ve enjoyed some great television I learned about at The Euro TV Place including:

  • Le bureau des légendes, a great spy series (one of the best pieces I’ve ever watched);

  • Call My Agent, a very funny French TV series about a top rung Parisian talent agency (Netflix);

  • No Second Chance which is in French but written by Harlan Coben, a famous American writer (Netflix);

  • Deutschland 83, a funny German spy story; and

  • Engrenages (Spiral in English), a seven season police and legal drama series consisting of 76 wonderful episodes.

If you’re interested in exploring new television, The Euro TV Place is a great resource. The blog discusses many new shows each month.