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2021-09-11: Remembering 9/11: The Pentagon on October 1, 2001

2021-09-02: I subscribed to Glass. It’s too soon to tell if it will be engaging but it is privacy respecting and …

2021-09-02: Friendship Heights Village, Maryland

2021-08-28: I tried a one year subscription to Capture One which ended today. I did not renew it. Capture One is …

2021-08-23: I am trying Glass but am not enjoying it. I much prefer Flickr.

2021-08-22: Thurmont, Maryland

2021-08-03: Rafael Nadal practicing at the CitiOpen Tennis Tournament - Washington, DC

2021-07-26: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC (2021)

2021-07-26: Arlington Memorial Bridge, Washington, DC (2021)

2021-07-18: Cuban Americans demonstrating at the White House in support of freedom for Cubans

2021-07-11: The Washington Monument

2021-07-04: Gettysburg National Cemetery - July 4, 2021

2021-07-03: Amazon Fresh grocery store coming soon in Chevy Chase, Maryland

2021-06-22: blog.flickr.net Cataloging COVID-19 with the Library of Congress

2021-06-22: Julieanne Kost’s Blog - Twenty Tips for Working with Lightroom Classic Twenty very useful tips …

2021-06-22: Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC - Most of the scaffolding is down. I think this is Washington’s …

2021-06-08: Arlington National Cemetery

2021-06-06: Memorial Bridge, Washington, DC - “The Arts of War and The Arts of Peace”

2021-06-04: I just tried the Cypress and Red Oak themes by @cdevroe and got a huge set of error messages I do …

2021-06-04: Old Water Pump

2021-05-13: National Guard Graduation Ceremony, Lincoln Memorial (May 9, 2021)

2021-04-19: My micro.blog website is down. Server cannot be found.

2021-04-18: National Arboretum on a beautiful Spring day

2021-04-18: National Arboretum, Washington, DC

2021-04-17: Résumé Advice

2021-04-12: WSJ President Xi’s message to President Biden: China considers itself America’s equal now. China …

2021-04-11: Springtime in Washington, DC - Testing the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 - 1/1000 sec @ f / 4.5

2021-04-10: mariusmasalar.me Every Blogging Option Sucks

2021-04-09: I ordered a small backpack online and decided to return it. I had to wait two days to get …

2021-04-09: Washington, DC - Paul’s Wine and Spirits

2021-04-09: My MacBook Pro came back to me today after a little more than a week. Apple replaced the battery and …

2021-04-08: 9to5mac.com Opinion: First impressions after migrating from Apple Music to Spotify

2021-04-08: Washingtonpost Before becoming a terrorist leader, ISIS chief was a prison informer in Iraq for …

2021-04-04: When posting a photo to micro.blog using Sunlit, is it possible to add a tag? I tag my photos with …

2021-04-04: Downy Woodpecker, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Washington, DC on a beautiful early Spring day.

2021-04-03: Washington, DC - Cherry Blossoms at Dawn

2021-04-01: Recommended Camera Bags matterful.co

2021-03-31: Spotify Introducing New Spotify Mixes: Personalized Playlists Featuring Your Favorite Artists, …

2021-03-31: The battery on my 2018 MBPro was bulging. Got a same day Genius Bar appointment. Still covered by …

2021-03-30: WSJ So the task ahead is clear: We need to com­ple­ment mass vac­ci­na­tion with a na­tional plan …

2021-03-30: DW Germany: COVID test now required for all flight arrivals

2021-03-28: I re-subscribed to Spotify Premium yesterday. I just missed their playlists, which I think are …

2021-03-28: Cherry Blossoms, Kenwood, Maryland - Spring is Here

2021-03-28: AirlineGeeks American Airlines Prepares For Post-Pandemic Spring

2021-03-21: The Washington Monument at Sunrise

2021-03-19: philip.greenspun.com MIT takes credit for the mRNA vaccines

2021-03-19: Stephen King on Hard Talk

2021-03-19: WSJ The Covid-19 pandemic keeps delivering profit for FedEx

2021-03-17: Le Monde Le premier ministre a reconnu mardi soir que la situation était « extrêmement difficile » …

2021-03-16: WSJ China apparently blocked messaging app Signal, intensifying the government’s hold on public and …

2021-03-15: Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC

2021-03-15: Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

2021-03-15: Self Portrait

2021-03-14: DW SIPRI: Saudi Arabia largest importer of arms, US biggest exporter

2021-03-14: Rick Steves interviewed about how he built his business

2021-03-13: DW Germany seeks to be vaccine self-sufficient by next year

2021-03-13: Macrumors AirPods Max Firmware Update Appears to Fix Smart Case Battery Drain Issues

2021-03-10: Petapixel My Considerations Photographing the Military in Washington DC

2021-03-10: Medium now supports custom domains.

2021-03-09: Gmail marks my hey.com email address as a phishing scam.

2021-03-09: For those of you using Hey email, do you plan to use the blog feature? And if so, how?

2021-03-09: Times of Israel Of fully vaccinated Israelis, only 0.2% develop COVID-19 symptoms

2021-03-09: Times of Israel Israel “leads the world in vaccinations per capita, with over 5 million of its 9.29 …

2021-03-09: Times of Israel El Al trials rapid COVID testing for passengers prior to flight

2021-03-07: Gas Pump, Southern Maryland

2021-03-05: Rick Steves on the future of travel

2021-03-04: DW Germany’s Lufthansa announces record losses for 2020

2021-03-03: Chevy Chase, Maryland

2021-03-02: Washington, DC

2021-02-27: NYTimes - Covid through the eyes of ICU nurses

2021-02-27: NYTimes France tightens restrictions at German border, adding a mandatory virus test. - The New …

2021-02-21: Chevy Chase, Maryland

2021-02-21: Washington, DC

2021-02-21: WSJ Scientists say vaccination delays and high rates of viral spread could trigger the rise of more …

2021-02-21: kevq.uk My Thoughts On Micro.Blog

2021-02-21: Macrumors Chrome Used 10X More RAM Than Safari on macOS Big Sur in Recent Test

2021-02-18: WSJ The licensing deal is expected to result in Google paying News Corp tens of millions of dollars …

2021-02-17: DW Israel’s clever coronavirus vaccination strategy

2021-02-17: DW Sweden and Denmark to introduce digital vaccination certificate

2021-02-17: DW Japan starts COVID vaccination program

2021-02-16: jkost.com Lightroom Classic Tips, Shortcuts, and Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

2021-02-12: Pfizer vaccine shows 93% effective rate in Israel

2021-02-10: Chevelle by Chevrolet - Produced by GM from 1964 through 1978. This one has seen better days.

2021-02-07: A Snowy Sunday

2021-01-27: Airline Geeks Israel Bans International Flights to Stop COVID-19 Spread

2021-01-24: PetaPixel How to Colorize Photos in Photoshop with Just a Few Clicks Using AI

2021-01-23: Film: 'The Art Dealer' The Art Dealer (L’antiquaire) is a beautiful 2015 French film about a young Parisian woman portrayed …

2021-01-17: Photographer Who Captured Rioters at Nancy Pelosi’s Desk Says Mob Was ‘in Control of the …

2021-01-17: Why Germans Voted for the Nazis

2021-01-12: I am wondering if anyone is using Photoshelter and how you like it. I like the ability to upload …

2021-01-10: The United States Supreme Court surrounded by a protective fence on January 10, 2021 following the …

2021-01-09: Stella Tennant took her own life, her family confirms - CNN Style

2021-01-08: DW Germany issues travel warning for Washington after attack on Capitol

2020-12-27: For D.C. protests, Proud Boys settle in at city’s oldest hotel and its bar The Washington Post

2020-12-27: The Washington Monument, December 27, 2020

2020-12-27: DW Lufthansa CEO expects coronavirus testing for long-haul flights

2020-12-24: NYTimes: Stella Tennant Obituary

2020-12-22: Macrumors Almost 100 Apple Stores Closed Again, Including All Stores in California

2020-12-22: NYTimes German White Nationalist Sentenced to Life in Prison

2020-12-22: Union Station, Washington, DC

2020-12-22: Is 6MWE an Anti-Semitic Proud Boys Slogan?

2020-12-21: AirPods Max came today. My first impression is very positive. They sound great. I can’t see walking …

2020-12-20: U.S. Capitol, December 20, 2020 - Setting up for the inauguration. What will the next four years …

2020-12-20: jkost.com Tips and Shortcuts for Exporting Files from Lightroom Classic

2020-12-16: A deep dive into Apple ProRAW from the maker of the Halide photo app on Medium

2020-12-08: Dr. Drang is saying goodbye to Setapp. I am thinking about doing the same.

2020-12-08: Netflix raising prices for 2021 by $1 per month.

2020-12-07: Google Chrome Is The Worst Browser

2020-12-06: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC (December 6, 2020)

2020-12-06: DW 500 kilogram WWII bomb sparks evacuation in Frankfurt

2020-12-05: DW German coronavirus aid can’t last indefinitely, Angela Merkel warns

2020-12-01: La chanteuse Anne Sylvestre est décédée La chanteuse Anne Sylvestre est décédée à l’âge de 86 ans, des suites d’un AVC à Paris. 20 Minutes - …

2020-11-28: I just updated my Adobe Portfolio site. It now has what I consider my best portfolio of B+W images …

2020-11-28: Tony Hsieh, former Zappos CEO dies at 46 The Mercury News

2020-11-27: DW Germany plans €180 billion in fresh public debt

2020-11-26: National Native American Veterans Memorial - Opened November 11, 2020 in Washington, DC

2020-11-25: Sample images from Leica of the Q2 Monchrom. I am impressed by ISO 100,000! Lower ISOs have a lot of …

2020-11-25: DW Swiss authorities suspect terrorism in Lugano stabbings

2020-11-25: DW Sophia Loren’s comeback in Holocaust survivor role is a Netflix hit

2020-11-25: President of France says COVID vaccine will be available at the end of December or the beginning of …

2020-11-23: Rockville, Maryland - November 23, 2020

2020-11-23: Google Photos is out. Flickr is back

2020-11-22: www.wsj.com Joe Biden picks Antony Blinken for secretary of state

2020-11-22: When the President of Egypt Visited Israel

2020-11-20: Nuremberg Trials: A warning to war criminals

2020-11-18: The New York Times recommends ten books about World War II as we mark 75 years since its end.

2020-11-18: DW German defense minister: Europe still depends on US for security

2020-11-18: Bill Gates has a new podcast. In the first episode, he speaks with Anthony Fauci. It’s good. …

2020-11-17: The New MacBooks Are the Real McCoy Daring Fireball on the new Apple Silicon MacBooks: I chatted with one Apple employee who’d been …

2020-11-17: Dulles Airport (IAD) is now 58 years old.

2020-11-17: WSJ - Joanna Stern Putting its own new chip into a laptop was Apple’s coolest move of 2020. …

2020-11-17: www.washingtonpost.com Covid testing before flying could become the norm as airlines try to boost …

2020-11-17: DW Obama heaps praise on Merkel in latest memoir

2020-11-17: DW Nuremberg Trials: An important step for Germany to confront its Nazi past

2020-11-17: DW Germany charges Egyptian with spying while working in Merkel’s press office

2020-11-15: Vietnam Veterans Memorial (November 15, 2020) “In Loving Memory of Our Husbands and …

2020-11-14: Notes From Poland, Daniel Tilles: Bill banning LGBT parades submitted to Polish parliament

2020-11-14: Bon Jovi

2020-11-14: The Blacklist Season 8 started Friday November 13. It’s a series I’ve enjoyed.

2020-11-14: I feel that Apple Music has improved a lot. I used to think Spotify did a better job finding music I …

2020-11-14: Safari in MacOS Big Sur found no trackers on my Micro.blog hosted blog.

2020-11-13: One more MacOS Big Sur Update: After installing Big Sur I could not unlock my MBPro with my Apple …

2020-11-13: Remembering the November 13, 2015 Paris Attacks The November 13, 2015 Paris attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks that took place n …

2020-11-13: Since upgrading to Big Sur the volume output on my MBPro is low. Is this happening to others?

2020-11-12: MHz Choice announces its premiere dates for the final two seasons of the French television police …

2020-11-12: My first impression of MacOS Big Sur: Stunningly beautiful.

2020-11-12: I have now downloaded and installed MacOS Big Sur Version 11.0.1. It downloaded and installed …

2020-11-12: The Apple Status page now shows all systems normal. Even so, Big Sur won’t download.

2020-11-12: A friendly warning. I just tried to download Big Sur. The download failed and my MBPro ran very …

2020-11-12: forward.com A question rarely asked: Would I have survived the Holocaust? - Forward Even if we …

2020-11-11: Flickr explains that Explore is powered by an algorithm that displays a rotating array of about 500 …

2020-11-11: Printing With Amazon Alexa I connected my Brother printer to Amazon Alexa. I can now print using voice commands. I tried …

2020-11-10: Exploring Paris By Foot Along the Seine I have loved for over 40 years. About six years ago, I stumbled across Paris, Paris: Journey into …

2020-11-10: TV Series: ‘The Honourable Woman” ‘The Honourable Woman’ is a 2014 British political spy thriller miniseries in eight parts. It was …

2020-11-10: TV Series: ‘The Bureau’ “The Bureau” is a French spy TV series (“Le Bureau des Légendes”) on Canal+ created by Éric Rochant. …

2020-11-10: Squarespace vs. SmugMug for Photography Websites Squarespace sponsors many podcasts I enjoy. And many photographers use Squarespace. I’ve tried …

2020-11-10: Podcast: 'The Kindle Chronciles I enjoy keeping track of developments at Amazon.com. My primary source of information is The Kindle …

2020-11-10: Helen Reddy (1941-2020) Singer Helen Reddy, who was born in Australia in 1941, died in Los Angeles on September 29, 2020 at …

2020-11-10: Om on Instagram Om explains why he no longer posts on Instagram1: And then there is Instagram, which I have given …

2020-11-10: Entrance to the White House Barricaded - November 8, 2020

2020-11-09: Black Lives Matter Plaza, Washington, DC - November 8, 2020

2020-11-09: White House Motorcade - November 8, 2020

2020-11-08: Washington, DC - The National Mall, November 8, 2020

2020-11-08: Washington, DC - November 8, 2020

2020-11-07: Vienna anti-terror chief suspended after failure to prevent Islamist shooting - The Times of Israel

2020-11-06: 1955 Pontiac in Washington, DC (2004)

2020-11-06: www.wsj.com A key ingredient in what could be the first U.S.-approved Covid-19 vaccine comes from …

2020-11-05: DeLorean, Washington, DC - An estimated 6,500 DeLoreans are still on the road.

2020-11-05: Kosovo President Hashim Thaci resigns to face war crimes charges in The Hague - The Washington Post

2020-11-05: QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene wins congressional seat - The Washington Post

2020-11-05: DW Lufthansa reports €2 billion loss in third quarter

2020-11-05: Oldies music.apple.com

2020-11-05: Helen Reddy: 1941 - 2020 www.nytimes.com

2020-11-03: Magnum Photos has announced that David Alan Harvey has been suspended for a period of one year – …

2020-11-03: The Washington Post ‘We have to understand the motivation for why people hate,’ says former …

2020-11-03: Privacy and Security Resources I have found the following to be useful sources of information about privacy and am sharing them to …

2020-11-03: Reuters Two arrested after four killed in suspected Islamist attack in Vienna

2020-11-02: Interview with the CEO of Fastmail. It’s nice to learn about the people behind products. Apple …

2020-11-02: No More Google

2020-11-02: www.wsj.com Several attackers killed at least one person and seriously injured others in a …

2020-11-02: America Prepares for Election Day - November 2, 2020

2020-11-01: Got an Email: My Vote Has Been Counted!

2020-11-01: I love photography but am not crazy about Instagram. At the same time so many great photographers …

2020-11-01: I’ve done some writing in Medium but I’m thinking of making Micro.blog my new home for all my …

2020-11-01: Alicia Keys & Brandi Carlile: Watch on YouTube Apple Music

2020-11-01: Switzerland's Connection to Dachau Germany’s National Socialist (Nazi) government and Switzerland had substantial ties. Switzerland’s …

2020-11-01: A rainy fall day in Maryland

2020-11-01: My photos are not showing up on my micro.blog hosted site? Anyone else?

2020-10-31: The New York Times “Greek Orthodox Priest Wounded in Lyon, France, Shooting”

2020-10-31: Washington, DC

2020-10-31: Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC - A nice fall day

2020-10-31: DW Coronavirus: Vaccinating Germany could take until 2022, says chief virologist

2020-10-31: DW Berlin’s new airport finally opens: A story of failure and embarrassment

2020-10-31: France tightens security after Nice attack Reuters: France’s chief anti-terrorism prosecutor, Jean-Francois Ricard, said the suspect was a …

2020-10-30: I’ve been writing from time to time on Medium. I wonder what’s folks here think of …

2020-10-30: The Importance of Holocaust Education Seventy-five years after the murder of six million Jews, the gap in Holocaust education seems to be …

2020-10-29: Reuters Three dead as woman beheaded in knife attack at French church

2020-10-29: WSJ At least two people were killed in a knife attack at a church in the French city of Nice, in an …

2020-10-27: Today Marks Two Years Since the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre It has been two years since the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Tuesday marked two years since a …

2020-10-27: Macedonia Baptist Church, Bethesda, Maryland

2020-10-26: Documenting the Pandemic in Detroit apple.news My experience in Detroit affirmed what I believe: that whatever hardships we face, we …

2020-10-26: Jeff Bezos's Wealth is Hard to Fathom The Economist In March, when markets plunged around the world amid worries about the covid-19 …

2020-10-26: São Bento Railway Station, Porto, Portugal (2019) - A nice memory

2020-10-26: Norimitsu Onishi and Constant Méheut, writing for The New York Times, explain that public schools in …

2020-10-26: apple.news Taking Back Our Privacy - The New Yorker

2020-10-26: Good podcast episode about secure communications platforms. castro.fm A summary chart

2020-10-25: Friendship Heights Village, Maryland Ballot Drop Box - Voting During Covid Pandemic

2020-10-25: iPhone 12 Pro: 5G Speed Testing I tested 5G speeds on the new iPhone 12 Pro on VZW in the Washington, DC area. I found a spot with …

2020-10-25: United States Senate, Washington, DC - What will happen on November 3rd?

2020-10-24: Anyone here using Fastmail for email. How do you like it?

2020-10-24: My new iPhone 12 Pro arrived yesterday. The size is exactly right for me. It is just a little bigger …

2020-10-24: Does anyone else think that Google’s new logos are ugly? See TechCrunch